A Calendar of Wisdom

by Leo Tolstoy

15th June

To love God means to love the highest possible good which we can imagine in all things.

People often say, “I do not understand love of God; what is love of God?” It would be more exact to say, “cannot understand love in this world without love of God.”

Real love of God is a moral feeling based on a clear understanding of His high, superior being; love of God coincides with love of virtue, truth, and kindness.

— William Ellery Channing

A person who understands the law but who is far from the love of God is like a bank official who has keys for the inside of his building but not the key for the front door.

— The Talmud

The commandments of God should be followed because of love of God, not because of fear of God.

— The Talmud

If you love a person without loving God, which is the goodness inside of him, then you plant the seeds for future disappointments and sufferings with this love.

Those who say that they love God but dislike their neighbors are lying to people; those who love their neighbors but don’t love God are lying to themselves.

Only perfection is worth complete love. In order to feel complete love, we can either delude ourselves that some imperfect object of our love is “perfection” or we can love perfection, which is God.

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