A Calendar of Wisdom

by Leo Tolstoy

25th February

To pray is to accept and to remember the laws of the limitless being, God, and to measure all your deeds—past, present, and future—according to His laws.

Before you start praying, ask yourself whether at that moment you can concentrate; otherwise, do not pray at all. Those who make a habit out of prayer do not pray sincerely.

— The Talmud

If you ask for support from God, then you will learn how to find it in yourself. He does not change us, but we change ourselves by getting closer to Him. All ask from Him, as if He should help us, but in the end we give these things to ourselves.

— Jean Jacques Rousseau

From the ancient times, it has been known that prayer is a human necessity.

People use different rituals during prayer, special addresses in special circumstances, in special places, in the ways they present their message to God and ask Him to be kind.

But let there be this constant: during a prayer, forget about all external worldly things and address the divine part of your soul. Use this divine part to gain communication with that of which it is a part and when you feel yourself close to God, you deliver your soul to Him, and show Him all your deeds and wishes. Prayer does not happen according to the requirements of the world, but according to the divine part of your soul.

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