A Calendar of Wisdom

by Leo Tolstoy

4th December

It is not said by chance that the essence of divine law is to love God and your neighbor. Neighbors come and go, but God exists always. Therefore, a man can fulfill this law when he is alone in a desert, or when he is in prison. He can love God and God’s manifestations even in his thoughts, memories, and imagination.

Remember that the spirit of God exists in every person, the same spirit that gives you life. Therefore you should not only love but respect the soul of every person as a holy place.

I do not grieve that a person dies, that he loses his money, his estate, or all his property, all that can belong to a man. But it is a great pity when a person loses his greatest possession, his human dignity.

— Epictetus

Do not do anything, either among others or alone, which is opposed by your conscience.

In our time, people forget that first of all they should respect the human being in themselves.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beyond his duty to his neighbor, every person has an obligation to himself, as to the Son of God.

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